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​Everyone is Psyched About Korg's New Affordable Synth, the Minilogue

The Minilogue is a fully-featured, programmable analog synth for only $499.99. Shut up and take my money!
January 14, 2016, 8:17pm

Korg announced its new synthesizer, the Minilogue, this week. It's a user-friendly, programmable analog polysynth that clocks in at an impressively affordable price point. Notable features include a 16-step note and motion sequencer powered by a four-voice analogue engine, with an OLED oscilloscope display that allows you to see your waveforms shaping up in real time. See the detail image below for a look at the oscilloscope:


It also boasts an arpeggiator, delay, and an intuitive yet extensive physical interface for designing your sounds. At only $499.99 (most high-end synths will run you into the thousands), the response to the Minilogue has been overwhelmingly positive across the blogosphere and social media. The release date is scheduled for January 21st. Try not to get too hot and bothered while watching this new demo video from the folks at Sweetwater.