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Âme's Frank Wiedemann Announces Surprise Release of Debut Solo EP

It's called 'Moorthon' and will come out later this week on Innervisions.
Photo by Esra Rotthoff

German producer Frank Wiedemann, of acclaimed house and techno duo Âme, announced his first ever solo EP, Moorthon, today. It will arrive this Friday on Innervisions, the label co-founded by Âme and fellow German DJ and producer Dixon in 2005.

No official snippets of audio from Moorthon have been released, but users on YouTube claim to have uploaded audio of EP cuts "Moorthon II" and "KleinerVogel."


Wiedemann and his collaborator Kristian Beyer have released music together since 2003, and Beyer has never released music solo, so this marks an interesting development in the project's creative arc.

Last year, Wiedemann and Ry X of Infectious Music-affiliated trio The Acid released their debut album as Howling; revisit our 2013 interview with Widemann here.

Moorthon tracklist:

1. Moorthon II
2. KleinerVogel
3. Moorthon I (Digital only)

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