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Your Weekend Tech-House Fix Has Arrived Courtesy of Cityfox

A deep, velvety mix from Jay Tripwire, who plays at Cityfox's second-last party at the Brooklyn Mirage.

Move aside, Dixon. This weekend, New York promoters Cityfox are taking a side step away from the so-hot-right-now DJs that usually stack their roster. Instead, their penultimate party at the Brooklyn Mirage, a ridiculously lavish pop-up venue in Bushwick you just have to see to believe—will cede the stage to veterans like Danny Howells, Doc Martin, Jay Tripwire, and Stephan Bodzi—OGs who Cityfox proudly calls the "seriously badass old-school" vanguard.


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To gear you up for their party tonight, we've got a tech-house mix from Jay Tripwire—a prolific Vancouver-based DJ and producer with releases on Steve Bug's label Pokerflat, Tonality, 1Trax, and more. It's easy to see why Tripwire's got the peaktime slot: his selections run towards the deep and velvety ketamine-house variety, with 303 squelches pooling around distant vocals and dusty Detroit textures. Stream the mix above, and weep for the pending loss of the Brooklyn Mirage, which closes on September 26, 2015.

The Cityfox Experience is tonight, August 8, 2015, with Stephan Bodzin, Jay Tripwire, Danny Howells, Doc Martin, and more. Get your tickets here.

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