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HVOB and Lichterloh's A/V Collab Will Have You Seeing Music and Feeling Sound

Check the video for "Tender Skin," the latest in their ongoing multimedia collaboration.
October 8, 2015, 9:10pm

Austrian duo HVOB have been one of THUMP's most championed acts in 2015 since the release of their sterling Trialog LP, a brooding collection of moody deep house beats that sit under Anna Müller's alluring, breathy vocals in bringing club sounds to dark pop songs.

Alongside the LP, HVOB have collaborated with live visuals collective Lichterloh and artist Clemens Wolf in bringing their tracks to life through audio-visual projects. Each track is associated with a textural theme that is explored in video form, as already seen for tracks like "Azrael" and "Window."

"Our albums are more like art projects," said Muller in a THUMP interview earlier this year. "Every song is linked to art, every track is a process."

Above is the premiere of the video for "Tender Skin," a standout track on the album that clocks in over seven minutes and careens through multiple movements. The textural study in this particular video involves rubber knots, bass, and the point of pressure at which things fall apart.

HVOB's "Tender Skin" EP features remixes from DJ Tennis and Scuba.

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