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Mykki Blanco Shares Pornhub-Produced Video For "Loner"

The clip was also produced in collaboration with NYC fashion label Nicopanda.

American rapper Mykki Blanco today shared a steamy music video for Mykki standout cut "Loner," produced in collaboration with prominent porn website Pornhub and NYC fashion label Nicopanda. Against a backdrop of models sensually captivated by their virtual reality headsets, the clip features Blanco rapping about the search for truly fulfilling intimacy while guest vocalist Jean Deaux joins for a hook about professed loneliness. Styled by Nicopanda's Nicola Formichetti and featuring digital animation from Andy and Sam Rolfes, the clip's aesthetic balances goopy, amorphous looks and images with sharp edges and a stark, high-definition sensibility.


Blanco said in a press release: "'Loner' is a song about misunderstanding—and more than misunderstanding it's a song about a universal feeling of not feeling worthy enough, not feeling good enough," he said. "People only know a party persona when it comes to Mykki Blanco, with this album and with this song I want them to know who I am on the inside."

"The Plug Won't" is another single from Blanco's debut album dealing with the trials and tribulations of love, particularly that "found in the haze of sex and drugs." In late July, THUMP travelled to Berlin to capture the backstage antics at Berlin queer festival Yo Sissy, where Blanco performed.

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