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Arca Made the Horniest Trailer Ever For His Upcoming "Circuit Slumber Party" in New York

Arca, Total Freedom, and Shayne HBA will be playing back-to-back DJ sets all night.
December 2, 2015, 8:50pm

On Thursday night, the holy fuccboi trifecta of Arca, Total Freedom, and Shayne HBA will be DJing back-to-back all night at Brooklyn's Output. If any party deserves—nay, fully embodies the spirit—of the phrase "it's lit fam," it's this one. The trio will be joined by special guests Brian Marrero and singer/songwriter Ian Isiah, with go-go party promoter Marco Ovando (Google Image Search this dude, you will not regret it), Mello Sky, and Juicy as hosts. Yup, it's going to be poppin'—and even the shit you think is going to suck, like the inevitable Friday hangover, will not detract from the poppin'.
Arca & co are brilliantly calling the night a "circuit slumber party," conjuring images of gay leather daddies playing spin the bottle to hard house. To hype the party, Arca has released a video and new track through his YouTube channel called "PILLOWQUEEN"—which is also the name of the party. A pillow queen, in case you were wondering, is someone who will just roll around in bed receiving pleasure without returning the favor. The video is steaming hot—so hot it's glowing red like the lights in an Amsterdam brothel.


Check it out above, and if you're in New York, you know where to be tomorrow night.

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