Meet Rave Mum, the Unsung Hero of London's Illegal Party Scene

She's got hugs and mints for everyone.
June 1, 2016, 10:20am

We've all been there, right? All had that moment when a big night out's just got that little bit too much. What you need is comfort, support, and liquid refreshment. Which isn't always easy to find…

By now you've hopefully seen our new documentary LOCKED OFF. Detailing what happens to nightlife when half the clubs in the UK have closed, the film takes us from the industrial eastern edges of London to the wilds of the Welsh woods. One of the unsung heroes of the scene is a woman who turns up to rave after rave armed with water, orange juice, and vomit clean up kits. This is Rave Mum, the matriarch of London's illegal rave scene.