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7 Artists That Make VELD Music Festival Day 2

VELD is this weekend. Check out our list of top artists performing on day two.
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To say that the City of Toronto is somewhat excited for this year's VELD Music Festival is an extreme understatement-all signs point to it being one of the biggest events of the year. For the third edition of the annual two-day party, VELD will play host to two massive stages, 35 artists, and tens of thousands of howling dance fans of all different shapes, sizes, genre preferences, and varying levels of intoxication.


If, for some reason, you haven't grabbed your tickets yet, you can still do so here. In case you're interested about the action on day one (trust us, you should be), check out our list of 7 Artists That Make Veld Day 1. Okay, you good to go? Without further ado, we proudly present to you our second list of acts to see on day two. We're getting goosebumps just thinking about it.

1. Knife Party

They're raw, they're rowdy, and they're always ready to rage. While we haven't heard much from Knife Party in the way of new music lately, that's because they've been saving it-a new 12-track album titled Abandon Ship is on its way. Expect to hear numerous new cuts off the album as well as several other seizure-inducing tracks from the dastardly duo's catalogue. They say you should never bring a gun to a knife fight, but what about a bass cannon?

2. Tommy Trash

Aussie bad boy Tommy Trash might be one of the few DJs on stage that actually goes harder than his fans-the dude is a straight up madman. Everything about his live performances is electric, from his longhaired head bashing to his booming big room electro productions. If you're looking for a wild time before the sun down on day two, his set at the VELD Stage is the place to be.

3. Adventure Club

The dance music world is in dire need of some heroes, there is only one caped group of champions ready to save the day: Adventure Club. Canadian duo Christian Srigley and Leighton James originally broke onto the scene three years ago with a series of melodic dubstep offerings that, to be perfectly frank, knocked the dance world on its collective head. Since then, they've branched out to incorporate electro, big room, and even bring trap into their sets. More than just a Canadian dance music group, Adventure Club is highly respected throughout the world as one of the best electronic dance music groups in the business.


4. Michael Brun

It's hard to hate on a guy that is known colloquially to his fans as "The Haitian Sensation;" it's damn near impossible to do so after listening to his euphoric and ebullient big room productions. The rising producer just launched his own label, Kid Coconut, and to go with it a resounding new single, "Zenith." If main stage madness is your thing, you'd be remiss if you skipped Brun's performance.

5. Gramatik

Looking for something a little different on day two? Merging together a host of eclectic styles such as electric funk, future soul, glitch, and hip-hop, Denis Jasarevic, aka Gramatik, certainly fits the bill. If you're unfamiliar with his sound, Gramatik has uploaded his full discography to BitTorrent as a free download here. Re-read that last sentence over again and tell us this guy doesn't kick all kinds of ass.

6. Feed Me

When it comes to growling, frenetic, progressive electro, few-if any-measure up to our favourite little green goblin Feed Me. Falling somewhere between Deadmau5 and Skrillex on the electronic dance music spectrum, Feed Me's performances are equal parts psychedelically melodic and face-meltingly dubtastic. Although his infamous "Teeth" live setup won't be coming with him to VELD, you can still expect to see a gnashing, snarling live set of epic proportions.

7. What So Not

What So Not might as well change their name to "What So Hot," because it seems like everything that members Flume and Emoh touch turns to instant gold. The OWSLA mainstays from Down Under have stormed the charts with their buoyant and quirky style, collaborating with the likes of RL Grime and Skrillex, and we're happy as hell to have them come back to Toronto. Get your box set of rave towels on order for the Bacardi Tent on Sunday-something tells us you're going to need all of them for these trap titans.


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