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Explore Bud Light Sensation with Baggi Begovic

You've heard his beats in your favourite clubs, but what you haven’t heard is his incredible story.

We are officially less than a month away from Bud Light Sensation: Into the Wild in Toronto. Although a "sea of white" doesn't sound particularly enthralling to most Canadians at this time of the year, on November 29—you're going to want to make an exception.

We covered the enigmatic Mr. White in last week's preview and now we turn our attention to the one and only, Baggi Begovic. If you're only going to Sensation for Bingo Players, you probably just said to yourself, "Who the hell is Baggi Begovic?" The fact is, the bodacious beats of this Bosnian native has been played in your favourite clubs, by your favourite DJs and you've been blissfully unaware. What you haven't heard before is his incredible story.


Growing up during the Yugoslavian Civil War, Baggi, born Ajdin Begovic, suffered incredible hardships. With the loss of family and imprisonment in a detention camp during the early 1990s, Baggi endured the unthinkable. While some become crippled and destroyed by the horrors of war, Baggi overcame, devoting his life to music and the pursuit of happiness. In his eyes, music was the greatest liberator and he set out on a path to prove it.

Following his move to The Netherlands and away from political unrest, Baggi made a name for himself. He started scoring hits on Spinnin' Records, Toolroom Records, and Tiesto's Music Freedom label. In fact, Tiesto is one of his most ardent fans and has long been a supporter of Baggi's solo career. At Ultra Music Festival, Tiesto officially showcased Baggi's debut single on Musical Freedom to the world—exactly 21 years after the death of Baggi's father.

Whether you hear his ebullient and uplifting productions during a radio podcast, or witness his buoyant and smooth mixes in person, one thing is certain—in the right hands, music is the great liberator.

Check out a few of his past sets below and get ready to lose yourself in a sea of white.

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