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SUB.Culture Montréal: Part 1

Under the icy glaze of a Canadian winter, Montréal's dance scene is thriving.

Under the icy glaze of a Canadian winter, Montreal's dance scene is thriving. At the cultural crossroads of Europe and North America, the city's club life was born from the dust of disco and today lives in and around small communities with impressive reach. "It's a big city, but it's a village," says Montrealer DL Jones. It's a village thatis home to artists like Chromeo and Tiga, but also names you've never ever heard of before.


In Part 1 of SUB.culture Montréal we meet scene leaders like Saintwoods founder Zach Macklovitch, Ninja Tune A&R-man DJ Ghostbeard, and underground DJ Claire to find out why this French-speaking city in the Great White North remains a major cultural capital, especially for a new generation.

You'll want to bundle up for these beats.