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Stream Plastikman's First Album in 11 Years

It's a rare, beautiful bird from the techno pioneer.
June 11, 2014, 12:30am

It's the week of returning legends.

Following Giorgio Moroder's first single in 22 years, minimal techno pioneer and Richie Hawtin alter-ego, Plastikman unveils a stream of his first album since 2003, EX. This one was recorded live within the rounded walls of Manhattan's Guggeneheim for the museum's annual fundraiser (read about that night here—we previously thought it was a Richie Hawtin set). Regardless, in true rave form, Plastikman performed the entire album around a specialty constructed LED obelisk. Just listening to it feels artsy.


But how did the Plastikman revival come about?

Knowing he was scheduled to perform at the Guggenheim, "I locked myself away in a series of intense studio sessions and quickly recorded enough new material for the performance and realized I might also have enough for a complete new album," Plastikman revealed.

"I was very inspired by the opportunity to play in this beautiful architectural space renowned more for art than music.  The location also allowed me to step far away from the dancefloor, giving me a huge amount of freedom to EXplore any sonic ideas that I had. Art, music, architecture, painting, sculpture— these mediums are supposed to live together." It's a physical, spacial, textual practice in techno.

Plastikman continues his rare return with his only performance of the year at Sonar on June 12. It might just be worth the flight out to Barcelona.


Purchase EX now. If you have an extra $399 to spare you can bring that physical techno home with an exclusive SubPac bundle on June15. We recommend you stick with the above *free* stream.

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