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Rave Revivalism Meets Ambient Bubble Bath in This Week's Seven Most Played

We've rounded up the week's best music so you don't have to.

And that's it—another week done and dusted. Another seven days that we'll never get back. They're just memories now, nothing more, nothing less. But hey, that's fine! You know why? Because there's music! There's always music! And what a week for music it was. We've had stunning mixes from the LuckyMe crew, BBC AZN Network's Manara, rave revivalist Lone, and the mysterious DJ Sonikku, slamming techno courtesy of Peder Mannerfelt, a brutal beyond belief remix by Gramrcy, and some truly sumptuous ambient bubble-bath from Biosphere.


Check it all out below.

1. LuckyMe - RA Label of the month mix

2. Spectres - Lump (Gramrcy Remix)

3. DJ Sonikku - All My Friends

4. Lone - Pitchfork Radio (NYC - July 2016 - DJ Mix)

5. Biosphere - Sweet Dreams From a Shade

6. Peder Mannerfelt – Clear Eyes, Full Heart

7. Manara - Rinse FM Night Slugs Podcast

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