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From VELD to IleSoniq, We Festival Hopped with Adventure Club

Watch our exclusive tour diary with the Canadian duo from festival to festival.

If you strip the DJs and producers of their snazzy record contracts, their equally-famous friends and the imminent groupies (we know they exist) you're left with one thing: travel. The red-eye flights and wonky bus rides are ceaseless for the best of the best in electronic music. Let's just say, Adventure Club knows a thing or two about that.

Crossing the continent more than once within a small, sleepless window is second nature to Leighton and Christian of Adventure Club. From Montreal's IleSoniq, VELD in Toronto, Center of Gravity in Kelowna, Chasing Summer in Calgary and a headlining show in Pittsburgh-this summer, these two have chalked up more American Express travel points you could only dream of.


THUMP followed these electronic music dreamboats through the various festivals, shows and to the depths of baggage claim and back for an exclusive tour diary. Check out our one-on-one with the Montreal favourites as we festival hopped with them this summer all over North America.