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Black Asteroid’s New Video is Purely Industrial

Black moons, Rick Owens and techno are all good in our books, too.

Filmed in a single day, in a nondescript industrial space in Los Angeles, in the heat of the summer―"Black Moon" incorporates the industrial roots of Black Asteroid with the fashion aesthetic of Rick Owens. The track itself presents hard techno elements with vocals you wouldn't necessarily associate with the underground. Coming out fresh on CLR as a single, this track brings you back to the bad boy electronica of the 80s. A whirlwind of leather and neon tubes presented through a psychedelic visualizer. THUMP caught up with Black Asteroid to ask about the story behind the video.


"I was on tour in Europe in January of this year, with a day off in Paris. Rick Owens invited me to his menswear show. As it turns out, Cold Cave were also in town and my friend Douglas McCarthy from Nitzer Ebb introduced us. Later we joined Rick Owens for dinner and Rick suggested I black mail them somehow to get them on my record, so I sent Wesley (Cold Cave) some instrumentals and he choose the song which eventually became Black Moon," he said.

"I made a few notes about what I would want in the video. [I wanted] neon tubes hanging from the ceiling in an industrial space/  warehouse/car park. The director Colin Duffy took it from there and we shot it in one day with a few cameras―including a steady cam. Black Moons, a sinning Jesus Christ, techno and Rick Owens…all are good in my book."

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