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Flying Lotus Scores Film That Will Screen at Tribeca Film Festival

'Love True' is produced by Shia LeBeouf and directed by Alma Har'el
Still from LoveTrue courtesy of the Tribeca Film Festival

The Tribeca Film Festival is happening soon and it's looking to be quite musical. We've previously shared news of the Steve Aoki documentary, and now the festival has released its full schedule which will include, among other notable music-related films, a feature scored by Flying Lotus.

LoveTrue is the new film by Israeli-American director Alma Har'el who won the Festival's Best Documentary Feature Award in 2011. According to the festival's page for the film, this quasi-documentary follows the relationships of three real-life couples as they navigate their lives and working through physical limitations, startling revelations, and poverty.

Though the score is yet unreleased, the festival writes that Flying Lotus's 80-minute score is "hypnotizing." Adding some extra muscle is actor and director Shia LeBeouf who executive produced the film.

All tickets are currently sold out (rush tickets may be available at the door, the site claims, at each screening), but tickets can still be be purchased for the film's final screening on April 20 at Regal Cinemas Battery Park. You can purchase them here.

To see a complete list of the films being screened at the festival, which include a documentary on Madonna's male vogue dancers, a drama-comedy about Richard Nixon and Elvis Presley's relationship that will feature Sky Ferreira in a supporting acting role, and a short film shot and directed by Bat For Lashes's Natasha Khan, visit the festival's website.