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David Guetta's Twitter Has Been Taken Over By a Hacker Collective

The same group that breached Mark Zuckerberg's social accounts appear to have targeted the French producer.
Photo courtesy of Wikimedia Common

The world's second highest paid DJ David Guetta is the latest celebrity to have his social media accounts breached by the hacking collective OurMine. A number of tweets popped up in the French artist's feed today claiming to be the same hacking group that has gained access to numerous other famous accounts, including that of Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg.

The tweets claim to be testing the cybersecurity of the producer's account, which has over 20 million followers, asking him to DM them for contact.

Little is known about the hacker team—or individual hacker—that appear to be [targeting high profile individuals seemingly at random, without a clear motive](Before its Twitter account was suspended after the Zuckerberg break in, the group would regularly boast about its hacking victories, and ask its followers which groups it should target next.).

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