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Kasper Bjørke and Abstraxion Fold Together for "Origami"

The collaboration is less electronic for Boué​ and less disco for Bjørke.​
April 6, 2015, 3:57pm

When you combine two house and techno producers, Red Bull's state-of-the-art studio in Copenhagen, and a serious time crunch, you get Origamithe collaborative effort of Kasper Bjørke and Harold Boué (aka Abstraxion).

"We're very pleased with Origami. The record is an experiment which turned out extremely well, with a sound that reflects us both accurately," says Bjørke.

It wasn't until the two artists showed up to play a six hour gig did they formally meet. Prior to this, they had only corresponded over e-mail. Despite this challenge, Bjørke and Boué felt that they were well prepared to work together. "It didn't take long to get started once we met up. We had a great engineer named Jens, who ended up playing some live drums for us. We had everything we needed in the studio, including food, sweets, and yeah—some cans of Red Bull to stay awake," says Bjørke.



The duo's respective styles gel quite well on Origami, which is a clear departure from their solo productions. "I think we both wanted to do some harder dance stuff than we usually do on our own," says Bjørke. "We have some similar inspirations and music that we were both listening to a lot at the time, such as John Talabot and Daniel Avery. But we also experimented with many elements in the studio and arrived at some new and exciting sounds," adds Boué. To create Origami, Bjørke and Boué used a Dopefer modular synth, a vintage space echo, a large SSL desk, and "some other fine, old machines". The result is a gritty yet up-tempo sound—less electronic for Boué and less disco for Bjørke.

The EP's title track "Origami" is dark, exploratory techno. "I feel like experimental music is much more interesting than deep or disco house," says Boué. "I like analogue sounding stuff the most. Pure laptop 'deep house' made in the box is boring to me, and there is a lot of that being made out there," adds Bjørke.

Kasper Bjørke

The latter part of 2015 is jam packed for both producers. "I'm often in Marseille in the South of France where I've started a new events project, LAB (Laboratoire des Possibles)," says Boué. "I've already invited John Talabot and Levon Vincent. It takes place in Cabaret Aleatoire, which is located in the arty hub Friche la Belle de Mai. It's one of my favourite spots in Marseille," he explains. The French producer will also return to HAKT Recordings to release his Afterlife EP, which was completed with the help of Nicolas Jaar last year. Bjørke, who recently became a father, will play Sonar Barcelona this June, as well as Kong in Munich. October will mark the remix release of his latest album, After Forever.

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Origami is available April 20 via Biologic Records and the two are open to future collaborations. "The most important thing is that it's an EP we're both really happy about," says Boué. Given its quality, we're more than ready for what's next.

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