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Giegling Are Throwing a Silent Disco in London's Barbican Centre Next Month

It's the last stop on their massive world tour.

In the midst of their massive world tour, Weimar label and collective Giegling have announced a new show set to take place in London on Sunday, April 2.

The show will take place in the conservatory of the Barbican Centre, a lush, nature-filled space that the official website says is "home to exotic fish and over 2,000 species of tropical plants and trees." Billed as a silent disco, the event will see Giegling members Ateq, Edward, Kettenkarussell and Vril perform a "live ambient concert" to the audience through personal headphone sets. Tickets go on sale tomorrow, March 10.

The Barbican will be the last stop on Giegling's intercontinental sojourn, which kicked off in a grand way last month in New York. Still to come are stops in Brussels, Amsterdam, Tbilisi, Berlin, and more.