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SoundCloud Launches $5 Subscription Streaming Service

The streaming platform has introduced a mid-price ad-free service with access to 120 million songs.
Image courtesy of Pixabay

Music streaming platform SoundCloud today launched a new cheaper paid service with a $4.99 a month subscription fee. Called SoundCloud Go, it takes over the name of the $9.99 a month service they launched last year, which has now been rebranded as SoundCloud Go+.

Like SoundCloud Go+, the new SoundCloud Go allows users to stream music offline and ad-free. The only difference is that SoundCloud Go+ subscribers get access to SoundCloud's entire library—over 150 million tracks, including premium tracks that are mostly licensed content from labels—while SoundCloud Go users get access to a slightly restricted catalog of around 120 million songs. New features exclusive to SoundCloud Go+ are also going to be released later this year.

Both services are available on the Web/Android and iOS operating systems now.

SoundCloud's latest financial report, released in January, revealed that the platform lost $54 million in 2015 and may "run out of cash" before the end of this year. The report also said that the success of SoundCloud Go is "the key element" in determining the company's financial future.

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