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Lee Foss Talks the Launch of His Emerald City Imprint With Jamie Jones

We spoke with label boss Lee Foss about the imprint's debut release, Serge Devant & Damiano's "Fearing Love."

As if Jamie Jones and Lee Foss weren't busy enough with their solo careers, their Hot Natured collaboration, Foss' fast-rising Pleasure State project alongside MK and Anabel Englund, and just generally being globetrotting rabble rousers. Now, the duo has announced the launch of a new imprint named Emerald City.

"The general aesthetic of the label is just good music," Foss tells THUMP. "We want to be open to everything from indie or electro acts to vocal house that catches our ear, or hip-hop that's on the right side of consciousness. Emerald City is more about just releasing the best possible songs. I guess you could call it our pop label, although my guess is it will still be driven largely by house and dancefloor-based tunes."

Foss and Jones can't seem to get enough of each other despite their multiple collaborative projects. The bromance between the two is real. "Jamie and I respect each other's opinions and go way, way, way back so we know how to communicate with each other," says Foss. "I feel like he's my brother and having that kind of respect for a business partner means you always try to work hard and bring something to the table."

The first release from the label is Serge Devant & Damiano's "Fearing Love," featuring Camille Safiya. The tune is a moody house number with a growling sub-bass and sleek vocal refrains. "I love this song, it's been the biggest track in my set for a long time," says Foss. "I knew as soon as I heard it, it was a hit. I told Serge about our plans for a new label and we were lucky enough to sign it." The release comes with a playful Foss/Jones remix that adds a note of levity to the original.

No word on future releases yet, but keep your ears peeled for more from this prolific camp.

Emerald City is on Facebook // SoundCloud