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Hear the Soundtrack for Maggie Lee's 'Mommy,' Featuring Tracks from Physical Therapy, Galcher Lustwerk, and More

'Mommy' is the latest film on Sex Magazine-founder Asher Penn's Beta Pictures.
Photo from the cover of the 'Mommy' soundtrack

If you're a longtime reader of VICE, you're probably familiar with the work of Taiwanese-American artist Maggie Lee, who has shot four magazine covers and done multiple interviews with the publication in her career. Her most recent project is a documentary film about her mother, before and after her death, called Mommy—co-produced by Sex Magazine-founder Asher Penn's Beta Pictures and Los Angeles musician and artist Air Pop. We highly recommend it: the film offers a uniquely intriguing portrait of the its subject and its filmmaker, too, all the more powerful for the sheer humanness of its heartfelt candor and playful irreverence.


If you've already seen the film, then you know that its wonderful soundtrack is part of what makes it so successful. Featuring tracks from the likes of Physical Therapy, Galcher Lustwerk, Gobby, James K, Max McFerren, Odwalla88, and more—some of whom make cameos in one of the film's chapters—it's a little bit of a who's who of New York's experimental sounds over the last few years.

"It was like an art school connection," Lee explains of the soundtrack's origins. "Everyone was graduating from college in Chicago and Rhode Island and coming to NYC. We were all partying, the music was really good, the DIY warehouse/Chinatown scene was really important before it ended or got too popular. All my friends are stars to me and I love their music and I wanted to work with them, to include what was happening in life at the moment, what was relevant."

Furthermore, she says, "Now everyone in our friend circles are involved in more specific scenes but I think it was a really formative, important time."

You can watch Mommy online for just $5, and you can hear the soundtrack on iTunes or Spotify. It's streaming via the latter below.

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