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Devon Welsh from Majical Cloudz Shares Ebbingly Cathartic Solo Collection

Everything on 'Down the Mountain' was written in the last two years.
Photo courtesy of the artist

Montreal-based singer and producer, Devon Welsh, has shared his first release since his former band Majical Cloudz broke up in March. Down the Mountain finds him exploring slow-resonating organ and synth sounds on the production end of things, creating an austere sense of space to accompany his deliberate, measured, and ebbingly cathartic vocals.

In a note accompanying the eight-track package on Bandcamp, Welsh explains that the songs were written over the last two years, with some taking form during the (2015 Majical Cloudz album) Are You Alone? sessions, while others were "written and recorded for fun last summer." He stresses that this is not an album of "new" music, but, simply "a collection of older songs." "Since I am working on new music, my attention will inevitably go to that new music and these songs will be forgotten, and forgotten songs are sad," he says.

Just a week after his old band's breakup, Welsh and early MC bandmember Matthew E. Duffy put out an intriguing, sax and spoken word-laden record as Belave.

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