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Burial Didn't Make His First-Ever Live Appearance Last Night After All

Turns out it was Kode9 instead.

We were just trying to have a nice relaxed evening last night. We had a couple of friends over for dinner, we'd made a lovely macaroni cheese with butternut squash, and we'd taken advantage of our bodegas's very reasonable two bottles of wine for 14$ deal. Only we couldn't relax. Instead, we spent the evening trawling through Twitter and texting friends, frantically trying to work out whether or not Burial had just made his first ever live appearance, at Unsound Festival in Krakow.


Suspicions were first aroused when music journalist Louis Pattison tweeted the following…

Bits of Burial tracks. Additional rainy ambience/FX. Played by guy in hoodie on high balcony.

— Louis Pattison (@louispattison)October 15, 2015

The internet went into semi-meltdown at the proposition. Just to add to the image in your head, Unsound festival takes place across a series of venues in Krakow, and this particular set was happening underground, in a salt mine. If Burial was going to make a debut show, this would have been the place to do it. Then, however, Hyperdub weighed in.

No he didn't, must be — Hyperdub (@Hyperdub)October 15, 2015

Which probably disappointed a lot of people — including us to be honest. But then, we feel started to feel a bit sorry for poor old Kode9 in the middle of this. After all, getting a mysterious, underground Kode9 set doesn't happen every day, Kode9 is obviously completely sick, but sadly because everyone had briefly thought it was Burial all we could think about was Burial.

I suppose that's what happens when claims about Burial live sets turn out to be…Untrue.

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