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Love Saves The Day: A Soundtrack For Transcending This Terrible, Terrible Year

Twelve wonderful tracks to alleviate twelve horrible months.
Photo via Pixabay. This post ran originally on THUMP UK.

"Maybe a lot of us were insecure but we found a way to make each other secure," is something David Mancuso said about throwing parties when all around him oppressed people were having a shitty time. His nights at The Loft (and the future club nights he inspired the likes of Larry Levan, Frankie Knuckles and a whole host of positive-thinking party planners to create) were life-affirming events for those who were told elsewhere that their lives didn't mean anything. Coming-togethers that galvanized people who otherwise felt alone and powerless.


Mancuso's death comes at the tail-end of a year that—horrifically, ridiculously—is crying out for those values to be reinforced like never before. With that in mind, below is a playlist that pays tribute to the dance floors of that era. Each song is tied (loosely) to some of the many painful events we've had to endure in 2016.

Make no mistake: the intention is not for you to read a few depressing words and then forget about them for a few minutes while a euphoric disco track plays in the background. It's also not another variation on the "well, we just have to make compromises and work with the terrible people we disagree with and things will be better in a few years" line that countless (almost exclusively white, male, heterosexual) people are trotting out at the moment.

This is about focusing your mind on the lay of the land as we all naturally do when the year is drawing to a close. It's about gathering your loved ones around you—people who might be feeling scared and vulnerable, desperate and helpless. It's about losing yourself in the righteous emotions that somehow are best expressed through dancing, together. It's about maybe, just maybe, you and your loved ones capturing that energy in a way that lasts beyond the final fading horn blasts of "Love Is The Message." Harnessing, channelling and transforming that energy into actions small and large that can actually affect change.


You can hear the playlist in it's entirety here, and we've segmented it below, in an effort to understand the year's most heinous events as both individual moments, and a collective whole of total fucking shit. Still, let's try and be positive, shall we? The first party to make Mancuso's name was called Love Saves The Day: it has, it does, it will. It's just about remembering that love doesn't exist in the abstract—it's real, and it's here. Move those bodies!

1. David Bowie Dies

2. Then Prince Dies, Too

3. The Worlds' Richest Countries Continue to Turn an All but Blind Eye to People—Including Children—Fleeing in Terror from War

4. Black People Continue to Be Killed by Police in the US at an Alarming Rate; White People Continue to Focus Infuriatingly on the Semantics of Their Protest (Just Because They Chose a Catchier, Abbreviated Name Over "Yes, It's of Course True That All Lives Matter but Seeing As People of Color Are Being Killed at an Alarming Rate by the People Supposed to Protect Them It Is Important to Remind Everyone That Black Lives Matter Too)

5. Homophobe Murders 49 People at an Orlando Gay Club

6. Many of the Things That Make London the Unique Place it is Continue to Disappear—Exemplified by the Closure of Fabric

7. Terrorist Groups Continue to Murder Innocent, Unsuspecting People, from the Beaches of Nice to the Airports of Istanbul to the Holiday Resorts of Tunisia

8. Newly Elected President Duterte of the Philippines Compares Himself Favorably to Hitler, Vows to Kill 3 Million Drug Addicts and Emboldens Vigilantes to Do Just That

9. North Korea Come Ever-Closer to Developing Nuclear Missiles, While its People Most-Likely Certainly Continue to Endure Famine

10. Leave Campaign Triumphs in Brexit Referendum With a Campaign of Outlandish, Baseless Promises and Racist, Dog-Whistle Tactics

11. Donald Trump Triumphs in US Election with a Campaign of Outlandish, Baseless Promises and Racist, Dog-Whistle Tactics and Unapologetic Misogyny and Ableist Mockery and Climate-Change Denial and Threats to Freedom of Press and Complete Lack of Financial Transparency and On and On and On

12. Then, David Mancuso Dies

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