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False Witness Generously Drops a Couple Heavy New Dubs on HulkShare

SoundCloud dissenters take note.
November 25, 2015, 9:10pm
False Witness (Photo by Karla Xeno)

False Witness (AKA Marco Gomez) is not lazy about making music. You can tell just by looking at the tracklist for his excellent "Realidad #KMD (Kill Mon Dead)" mix—it consists almost entirely of blends or edits helmed by the artist himself. The Brooklyn DJ, producer, and KUNQ-affiliate's serious work ethic also shines through the robust precision of his tracks, which have found homes on Lit City Trax, DIS Magazine, and a round of official remixes for Björk, where he worked with Juliana Huxtable on a "lionsong" remake.


This week, Gomez took to HulkShare (SoundCloud dissenters take note) to give away DLs of a few new tracks, and they're unsurprisingly on point. "CLUB MOTO" finds the producer working with industrial, spindly, and altogether very agitated sounds—almost like something you'd hear on Ostgut Ton—while his hard house edit of The Prodigy will satisfy any leftover craving for breakbeats you had after Physical Therapy detailed his 66 favorites for us last week. He's also thrown up the previously-released "DURO MIX" of his "Makina" club hit for good measure. Stream everything here, and head to THUMP Columbia to hear the producer's recent collab with fellow NYC artist Riobamba.

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