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The Music Industry Has A Problem With Sexual Assault. Here Are 11 Stories You Can Read About It

A prominent publicist is accused of sexual misconduct, confirming something we already knew: the music industry has a big issue with attitudes towards women.
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UPDATE [August 7, 2015]: The remaining publicists employed by Life or Death announced Wednesday afternoon that they are leaving the company and will start a "new venture," according to a statement provided to The Fader.

In a series of tweets, Amber Coffman of the Dirty Projectors accused a prominent publicist of sexual misconduct on Monday. Shortly after Coffman opened up about her encounter with Heathcliff Berru, the CEO and founder of Life or Death PR, other women joined her in alleging similar incidents of sexual harassment by Berru.


Was just re-telling/re-remembering a story abt how a very popular music publicist RUBBED my ass and BIT my hair at a bar a couple years ago

— Amber Coffman (@Amber_Coffman)January 19, 2016

It was Heathcliff Berru, at Life or Death PR and MGMT

— Amber Coffman (@Amber_Coffman)January 19, 2016

Life or Death PR released a statement saying the company has "a zero tolerance policy for the type of conduct alleged in [the] on-line postings" and that Berru had resigned from the firm, which represents artists such as Odd Future and D'Angelo, in addition to electronic acts like Brodinski, Ryan Hemsworth (who tweeted his support of Berru's resignation in emoji), and Kelela (who has announced she will no longer be working with the company). Berru then released his own statement apologizing for his conduct, blaming his poor judgment on a drug and booze addiction that and he's going to check himself into rehab.

Coffman's story may have been the talk of the media community this week, but it didn't happen in a vacuum. The entire music industry has a big problem with incidents of sexual harassment and assault. Dance music is far from exempt; if anything it's even further behind in terms of attitudes towards women than other areas of the industry. The problem runs the full gamut of the industry, from internet trolls telling women to stop complaining about the gender gap in dance music, to dudes wearing Eat, Sleep, Rape, Repeat t-shirts at Coachella, through to women being raped in club toilet stalls.


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Disclosure: THUMP works frequently with Life or Death PR, and some of our staffers count members of the firm as personal friends.