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Kanye West Reinstates Good Fridays Series with Arthur Russell Sampling "30 Hours"

A last-minute, pre-mastering addition to 'The Life of Pablo'.
Track art courtesy of the artist

In the last two hours of 2015, Kanye West's announced that he was reinstating his Good Friday series, where the rapper would release non-album tracks every Friday in the lead up to The Life of Pablo. While the album will supposedly be released sometime todayThe Life of Pablo got its lavish media preview yesterday afternoon at Madison Square Garden, an event that even Anna Wintour attended—it seems that the rapper wasn't done delivering B-side material.


A couple hours ago, West tweeted, "Now that the album is finally finished it's back to Good Fridays," then linked to a track called "30 Hours." Using a sample from Arthur Russell's melancholic romance tune "Answers Me," West turns the iconic New York underground musician's lyric: "Baby, I'll be / where the eyelids go" into "Baby, I still / drove 30 hours to you," as he recalls a long drive to see an old lover.

Rolling Stone reported that in a follow-up tweet (now removed) West "revealed that '30 Hours' was a last-minute, pre-mastering addition to The Life of Pablo as that album's track list ballooned from the 10 songs…to 17 in total."

You can now stream The Life of Pablo—out of sequence and non-consecutively, but still—on Pandora.