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Nickelback's Chainsmokers Mashup Will Make You Believe in US-Canada Relations Again

"You can't please everyone guys. Welcome to the club."
Chad Kroegerphoto via

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This post ran originally on THUMP Canada. While US-Canada relations between Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and President Donald Trump remain tense at best, there's a new unlikely friendship forming that should give both nations hope for future cross-border collaborations. Following The Chainsmokers' mashup of their inescapable 2016 hit "Closer" and Nickelback's equally inescapable 2001 single "How You Remind Me," in response to a recent Esquire article calling the duo "the Nickelback of EDM," the Alberta rockers have returned the favour via Twitter.

Even though bandleader and noted goatee enthusiast Chad Kroeger is absent, the 33-second clip features multi-instrumentalist and backing vocalist Ryan Peake admirably warbling a few bars of "Closer" (which THUMP included in our list of last year's best tracks) and "How You Remind Me," while strumming his guitar in what appears to be a studio of some sort. He ends the video by calling the song "the Nickelback/Chainsmokers mashup that no one wanted to hear," and offers some sage advice to Drew Taggart and Alex Pall, saying, "You can't please everyone guys. Welcome to the club."

Watch it below and cross your fingers for a Nickelback/Chainsmokers co-headlining tour in the near future.

.@TheChainsmokers you may find this hard to believe, but we've been called way worse. It's only music guys, keep up the great work. #Truth
— Nickelback (@Nickelback) February 2, 2017