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Up Next Mix Series Vol. 5: Lindsay Lowend

Turn up this sweet mix by the vaporwave-influenced chiptunes producer (and LiLo megafan) Lindsay Lowend.
August 1, 2013, 11:01pm

In honor of all things good and holy—like Lindsay Lohan waltzing out of a 90-day stint in rehab—we got you a sweet exclusive mix from Symbols mainstay Lindsay Lowend, the punnily-named DJ best known for his ambient trapstyle/video game chiptunes-y sound… and for harboring an unadulterated love for Queen LiLo, as many of us secretly do.

Not only has the Washinton-based producer been quietly releasing bleepy vaporwave chillness on his Soundcloud since forever, he's also got one of the best DJ Twitter accounts I've ever stumbled across (sample tweet: "As a paying Burger King customer, my right to fire whopper juniors out of the bathroom's hand dryers should be preserved, respected"). Since his latest EP, Wind Fish, isn't dropping until August 6, this mix, littered with choice Lindsay Lohan soundbites, is a teaser taste of the bleepy-bloopy awesomeness in store. Gobble a couple of your favorite prescription pills, put The Canyons on mute, and satisfy your LiLo lust with this instead.



1. David Letterman "David Letterman's Welcome"

2. Yuichi Ozaki, Kazumi Totaka, Minako Hamano & Kazue Ishikawa "Storm" from Link's Awakening

3. She feat. Lindsay Lohan "Session"

4. Mr. Carmack "Birth Control"

5. Sabrepulse "Storm Raid Battle"

6. Alizzz "Collapse"

7. Lindsay Lowend "GT40"

8. Alizzz "Whoa!"

9. Xavier "Do Me Wrong" (Lindsay Lowend Remix)

10. Deon Custom "Pearls"

11. Lindsay Lowend "Wind Fish"

12. Mitch Murder "Heading South"

13. FearofDark "Surfing on a Sine Wave"

14. Malmen "Stratocumulus Clouds"

15. Sinjin Hawke and Morris "One Kiss"

16. Alizzz "B4"

17. Lindsay Lowend "Cosmonaut"

18. Everything Everything "Cough Cough" (Xaphoon Jones Remix)

19. Frank Ticheli feat. Lindsay Lohan "Earth Song"