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Coffee Paintings Give Pop Culture Its Caffeine Fix

Pharrell, Jimi Hendrix, and Robin Williams get their morning buzz in Dirceu Veiga's coffee art.
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Brazilian graphic artist Dirceu Veiga paints the kinds of coffee stains we wouldn't mind getting on our clothes. After he first spilled a few drops on his sketchbook in 2007, absentmindedly doodling with the beverage quickly grew to dominate his creative outlets. "I loved that colour and just started playing by dripping more coffee on the paper and sketching. It was only abstract spots, but opened my mind for something more," he tells The Creators Project. For eight years he's developed his craft into a popular artform now also practiced by illustrators like Maria A Aristidou, whose coffee illustrations have earned a bit of internet attention themselves in the last few weeks.


Recently he's begun recreating the likes of Pharrell, Jimi Hendrix, and Robin Williams as a part of a live drawing performance, entertaining audiences with little more than a paintbrush and a cup of joe. His next performance, April 9-12 at the Specialty Coffee Association of America convention in Seattle, will be his first outside of his home country. Learn more about his work here.

Buy Dirceu Veiga's paintings here.


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