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Catch Feelings for Kai Bastard’s Photo Manipulations

This surreal image maker's Instagram will make your head spin.
Kiss of Death. Images courtesy the artist

English conceptual artist and creative consultant Kai Bastard's eccentric photo manipulations exemplify an image’s ability to not only draw an audience’s attention, but tell a story, coax self-reflection, and inspire critical thinking. Kai Bastard's twisted alterations tend to follow popular news stories, political debate, and relevant day-to-day concerns; oftentimes subtly inserting his own perspective into the image itself. These surreal, at times illusory images both shock and amuse. They are playful yet somber. His website states, “Kai looks at connecting the dots from the initial idea through to the delivery. Looking at the bigger picture of where the story is intended and the audience you wish to target, creating a smarter integrated approach that can work across any format.”


The digital artist has worked on a string of marketing campaigns for industry titans like Playstation, Toyota, and Adidas. Part of what makes his art so compelling is a close dialogue with his audience. He often encourages his 5,000 Instagram followers to share their ideas about his work and the sentiments they reflect. His website describes his process: “He provides the resource and insight to become a audience focused always switched on content hub. Breaking through the clutter with compelling original stories defined by your brand values and cultural/audience shifts.”

Check out some of photo manipulations below:

Flesh of The Earth

Running Wild

Surviving Living

New Year - Same Me

Check out Kai Bastard’s Instagram for more.


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