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Sculpted Shadows Turn a Gallery into a Walk-In Illusion

'SHADOVVS' fills the 886 Geary Gallery with bright graphic cross-sections and mind-bending modular constructs.
Images couresty of the artist

Sculptural shadows and geometric cross-sections by artist and graphic designer Matt W. Moore are transforming San Francisco’s 886 Geary Gallery into a walk-in optical illusion. Divided in five “chapters,” SHADOVVS encompasses a series of greyscale cut-paper mosaics, four symmetrical colorful diamond grids, 12 3D interpretations of his signature graphic designs, one white, modular sculpture that casts shadows that “allow the viewer to explore the subtle nuances of light and shadow without the distraction of color,” and a large, multidimensional mosaic mural in the same style as the first four divisions.


The newly installed oeuvre, which remains in 886 Geary until September 5th, stems from Moore's extended stay across the bay, in Oakland, and subsequent two-week residency at the gallery itself. The show symbolizes a divergence from the artist’s usual M.O.—he has primarily worked outside the sphere of the gallery with an extensive portfolio including everything from surfboard decks and sneaker designs to sizable sculptures and roadside murals. Nevertheless, the pieces retain his bold color palette and graphic style which evokes certain characteristics of Frank Stella’s soft-spot for symmetry, Sonya Delaunay’s Electric Prisms, and Louise Nevelson’s sculptural shadowplay.

Below, Moore’s unique addition to these artistic legacies in SHADOVVS.

For more of Matt W. Moore's work, visit his website.


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