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LA: #LIVINGROOMTODAY Brings IRL vs. URL Partying to Chinatown

Tonight, it's streaming at you live(dot)com.
August 15, 2015, 12:30pm
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EMO-G for #LIVINGROOMTODAY TOMORROW 8/15/15 #LIVINGROOMTODAY is the final performance for the #PERFORMCHINATOWN performance art festival performances by @frcln @1000Cranes @slaveclothes @itsmyjello and more come IRL at the melody lounge (china town, LA) 10pm-2 and URL at

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Uploaded? The multi-platform, multi-media art party #LIVINGROOMTODAY will be shutting it down tonight in Los Angeles—and all over the world—by closing out PERFORM CHINATOWN: RUSH HOUR, the sixth edition of the massive performance art festival.

For the finale of the series, performance artist Molly Jo Shea will be curating an impressive list of “endurance-based pieces, public engagement work, dance and movement pieces, stand-up comedy, karaoke, micro-parades, derives, spoken word, noise, and experimental music,” according to the event's description.

Plus, if you aren't lucky enough to be in LA for the event in-person, the #LIVINGROOMTODAY credo dicates that all their parties are livestreamed, meaning that you can cam-up to the all-encompassing experience on their website. Watching the event unfold tomorrow is more than probably be worth your time, as the lineup boasts everything from “A monster-mash costumed parade by Samplista!” to Chicago-based, new media performance group Atom-r "doing a piece based off of the life of chemically-castrated, WWII code-breaker and war hero, Alan Turing and bringing gigantic inflatable breasts created by Claire Ashley.” Oh, and did we mention the "gigantic installation of Jerry Maguire VHSes" by Everything is Terrible? You can't handle that kind of truth.

If the lineup tells us anything, it’s that LA’s hottest party tonight will be at PERFORM CHINATOWN: RUSH HOUR. Check out a video from the latest #LIVINGROOMTODAY party, which took place in New York last month, below:


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