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Drift into the Weekend with These Surreal Floating Islands

Mexican Illustrator Daniel Barreto creates impossible places in his new series of 3D landscapes.
Images courtesy the artist

Mexican photographer and illustrator Daniel Barreto recently released his new series of stripped down, surrealist 3D landscapes, Lonely Islands. Working out of Boston, Barreto creates a melancholy tone through these mythical yet playful renderings. Using software programs like ZBrush, Photoshop, and OctaneRender, Barreto recreates the disconnect technology has created between humans and nature. His cartoonish toy islands float in a cosmic abyss some place between mysterious and charming. Through these images, Barreto hopes to provoke “an inner curiosity by examining the interactions between humans and nature, or the lack thereof,” according to his statement on Tumblr.


Check out Lonely Islands below:

Click here for more work from the artist, and follow him on Facebook and Instagram.


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