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Mind-Boggling 3D Fractals Form an Alien Structure in This Short Video

Gaze at massive alien particle accelerator in Julius Horsthuis’s latest fractal short.
Images courtesy the artist

After creating a mysterious fractal film about the abandonment of Earth, animator and visual effects artist Julius Horsthuis takes viewers to a new alien world. Inspired by CERN’s Large Hadron Collider, Horsthuis images a gigantic alien particle accelerator composed of fractals.

Horsthuis tells The Creators Project that he used Mandelbulb 3D to “create some sci-fi concept art types of environments, both in stills and in animation.” While the immense LHC is buried underground, Horsthuis showcases Large Fracton Collider’s exterior, which looks somewhat influenced by LHC’s mesmerizing innards.


“I'm envisioning a future where design has been transformed rather profoundly, and this is a glimpse of that future,” he says. “Using Mandelbulb 3D to create the structures, I have not sketched or sculpted anything at all. The structures emerge from (to me) incomprehensible mathematics, making my own journey more one of discovery than of creation, which is infinitely more fun.”

Large Fracton Collider from Julius Horsthuis on Vimeo.

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