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Light-Bending Dancers Star in a Projection-Mapped Performance

Two dancers, a few sensors, and a projector make for an ethereal light show.
June 3, 2015, 2:45pm
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Watch a beautiful trio between two dancers and a computer in production company Lightbeast's new video for WAKE, a projection-mapped light performance that generates visuals from real-time movements. Using a set of sensors and TouchDesigner—the same software that helps compose Carsten Nicolai, Maotik, and Oliver Ratsi's immersive worlds—Lightbeast's founders, Siggraph alum Moses Journey and Applied Esoterics' David Glicksman, built a stunning experience that floats models Emma Gregg and Renée Gunter through a universe of point clouds, interactive shadows, and TRON-like grids. Watch a selection from the show in the video below.

See more of Lightbeast's work on their website.


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