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This Exists: The Gummy Bear Bed

Hissa Igarashi teams up with Craig's Beds for this Alexander McQueen-inspired 26,135 gummy bear sculpture.
Images courtesy the artists

The product of four weeks of work, a bed made of 26,135 gummy bears is now on display in New York City. Designed with Hissa Igrashi, who previously recreated an Alexander McQueen gown out of the tiny treats, the giant rainbow sculpture can be seen at the It's Sugar store in NoHo until April 6th. “Hissa was inspired by Alexander McQueen, I was inspired by Hissa and his Gummy Bear Dress," explains Craig Fruchtman, owner of Craig’s Beds, who commissioned the piece. "I hope that the Gummy Bear Bed will inspire people to pursue their unique big city dreams.”


The Gummy Bear Bed is on view through April 6th, 2015 at IT'SUGAR at 655 Broadway, New York, NY 10012.


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