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Miyazaki’s Movie Posters Make the Best GIFs

A redditor injected a little movement into the legendary Ghibli animator's movie posters.
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Hayao Miyazaki may be retired, but artists and fans the world over are keeping his work alive, sometimes with inspired homages, and other times with theme park designs. In the case of reddit user podrickforking, sometimes with GIF remixes of Studio Ghibli movie posters. From early epics Nausicaa and Porco Rosso to late-career gems like The Wind Rises, looping animations capture the human moments that make Miyazaki's characters so iconic, regardless of their species (we're looking at you, Totoro).


Their simplicity is what makes these GIFs so satisfying—each image inserts a scene from one of the films onto their official movie poster. Like last year's animated movie posters by ashortername, GIF art like this has us wondering why today's movie posters still bother with stills.

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