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"Beat The Drum Slowly" Is An Illustrated Exploration Into The Savagery Of The Subconscious

Chad VanGaalen's hand-animated music video for Timber Timbre's "Beat the Drum Slowly" recalls "Malice In Wonderland."

Canadian folk outfit Timber Timbre play the kind of discordant, avant-garde blues that make us dream of slimey swamps and seven-headed smoke-serpents sitting on the shores of the River Styx. Multi-instrumentalist DIY legend, and Vice-favorite, Chad VanGaalen, hand-animates psychedelic, stream-of-consciousness-style music videos the likes of which are worthy of comparisons to Takashi Murakami and the works of Jean Giraud.


It was only fitting that when we came across this Malice in Wonderland-worthy gem of liquid animated goodness, VanGaalen's music video for Timber Timbre's beautifully dissonant "Beat the Drum Slowly," we'd serve it up on a platter with some sweet screenshots, for all your desktop background needs, as a sizzling garnish on the side:

Grab yourself a copy of Timber Timbre's stellar LP, Hot Dreams, out now on Arts & Crafts, and check out the group on tour this fall in Europe. And visit Chad VanGaalen on Bandcamp to listen into the soulful tunes of this creative polymath.

Below, some of our favorite moments from the "Beat the Drum Slowly" music video.

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