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Best Of The Rest: Timelapses Of Giant Storms, Rooms Made Entirely Of Chocolate, And A Rainbow Lamborghini

This week in creativity is amazing and bizarre, as always.
May 23, 2014, 9:30pm

This week, The Creators Project brought you inside artist Lee Bul's infinity mirror installation, detailed some hauntingly beautiful portraits, and shared concept designs for city that floats in the middle of the ocean. For everything else we missed this week, here's the best of the rest…

This week we…

…Witnessed images from a terrifying timelapse of massive storm. [This Is Colossal]

…Got dish-ception'ed with these meta-metropolis dish racks. [Dezeen]

…Glimpsed at original plans for how Disneyland was supposed to look. [Gizmodo]

…Checked out these paper cut-outs of people as if they were shrunk a la Rick Moranis. [Junk-Culture]

…One-upped silly putty with this crazy magnetic goop. [Sploid]

…Grooved to the theme to Back Of The Future played on floppy and hard disk drives. [Laughing Squid]

…Imagined a future where drones walk our pups. [Slate]

…Watched in awe at this bendable LED blanket that can be rolled up. [Gizmodo]

….Thought about taking a bite out of this room entirely made of chocolate. [Design Boom]

…Stared in awe at the first color photos of the US. [MyModernMet]

…Booked a room in this Costa Rican hotel built around a Boeing 727. [DesignBoom]

…Rolled up to the club in this chill rainbow Lambo. [The Awesomer]

…Ate a couple 3D-printed pancakes because THE FUTURE, man. [ANIMAL]

…Started a collection of these pretty stones created from layers of paint at an old auto factory. [BoredPanda]

…Started conspiring along with these people who think there's a massive underwater UFO base off the coast of Malibu (because there definitely is one). [Geekologie]

What else did we miss? Share with us in the comments section!