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8 Tech Triumphs At The 2014 World Cup

The global soccer gathering is already shaping up to look like the World Cup of innovation.

If there’s one thing that can unite the human race on the global level, it’s the chance to rub your athletic superiority in another nation’s face. The 2014 FIFA World Cup is upon us, and beyond the eye-catching beauty of its host country, Brazil, it’s sure to impress given the many technological wonders associated with it.

In honor of today's opening match between Brazil and Croatia, allow us to provide you with the comprehensive look at the tournament’s most impressive in arts and technology.


Goal Line Tech

This much-talked about technology—sure to ease many headaches and broken hearts alike—is finally here. Goal line technology (pictured above) has been said to be arriving for years now and it’s no longer just the banter of athletic lore.

German firm GoalControl has outfitted the World Cup stadiums with sets of 14 cameras that will track ball play within millimeters. Whenever the ball happens to pass the goal line, an encrypted radio signal is delivered to a referee’s watch signaling the goal—all in less than a second’s time. Talk about la mano de Dios!

A Mind-Controlled Exo-Miracle

Who needs Hodor when you have an exoskeleton powered by your own neurons? Thanks to an international collaboration of over 156 scientists, a young paraplegic adult will open the game’s ceremonies by walking again in a robotic suit that comes outfitted with its own 3D-printed headpiece.

Hollywood-level Video Quality

It’s fitting that the World Cup will take place within the timeframe of Blockbuster Season, given that both will be filmed using Sony’s F65 powerhouse camera. The camera, already used to capture films like Oblivion and After Earth, shoots in RAW 8K, and will allow event organizers to shoot the cup’s final three matches in mouthwatering 4K resolution.

Next-Gen Turnstiles

Image via

This year, FIFA has spared no expense— even each set of stadium turnstiles is state-of-the-art. Hardwired with high-def cameras used to validate tickets on the fly, automatic bar lowering in case of emergency, and other neat perks, these turnstiles will ensure FIFA can welcome its thousands of guests at maximum speed and efficiency.


Remote-Controlled ‘Security Guards’

Usually only encountered on the battlefield (or maybe Silicon Valley), iRobot 510 PackBots will make an appearance at the World Cup to deal with suspicious packages and to serve as an added level of surveillance. Your move, creeps.

Info-Packed Cards

Always looking for an advantage, teams like Italy’s national squad is providing its players with ATM-style cards that, when accessed, provide players with tournament and training schedules, scouting videos, coach speeches, and more.

Pre-Cooling Vests And Sleeves To Beat Brazil Heat

In a place known for its deadly temperatures and excessive humidity, World Cup players will need all the help they can get to remain calm, cool, and collected. To help out, Adidas rolled out the adiPower pre-cooling supplies to ensure players start games at optimal capacity. The only drawback is that the technology is only available to nine tournament teams— we have a feeling they're the few with Adidas sponsorship.

Vanishing Spray Markers

No longer will referees have to point at nowhere in particular when marking spots for free kicks. Now they’ll be able to draw a circle on the turf with a foaming emulsifier that disappears within minutes of use.

For a great visual rundown of the World Cup tech sure to turn heads, check out IEEE Standard Association’s infographic below:


Lead photo is satellite image of Brazil available under an Attribution 2.0 Generic license. Credit NSA/ISS, NASA Goddard Space Flight Center. No changes were made to the image.


Image of ‘info-card’ available under an Attribution 2.0 Generic license. Credit Steve Jurvetson. No changes were made to the image.


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