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Custom 3D Printer Turns Songs into Ceramics

Studio van Broekhoven’s ceramics look like woven baskets, but really they’re 3D printed, sound-altered clay.
Detail of a sound altered, 3D printed clay pot. Image via Studio van Broekhoven

Ever wondered what your favorite album would look like as a clay pot? Thanks to two Dutch artists, you might be able to find out. Spatial sound designer Ricky van Broekhoven and designer [Olivier van Herpt](http://, working in the Studio van Broekhoven Soundshapelab,  have developed a project called “Solid Vibration” that uses a 3D ceramics printer and sound to manipulate the textures of clay.

Solid Vibration from StudioVanBroekhoven on Vimeo.


The printer was engineered by van Herpt, and it uses audio vibrations to alter the pattern of the printing. The pots take on textures that look like knit textiles or the texture of sand under gentle waves. What kind of music creates the most beautiful ceramics? Right now, it seems like the artists use rhythmic, abstract sounds to create their sculptures, but the possibilities are endless. Pottery wheel, out. 3D printed sonic ceramics, in.

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