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Beauty Blooms in Death and Decay

It's the circle of life.
All images courtesy Guerrilla Shout

Not to get all Lion King, but that circle of life stuff is true. It might make us more comfortable to imagine death as being a distinct, unfortunate happening, utterly removed from the beauty and wonder of life, but it's not. Guerrilla Shout—a Belfast-based visual ideas team—explores these themes in their recent work, Memento Mori. Writes Oisin O'Brien, one of Guerrilla Shout's Creative Directors, "Memento Mori is a lament for things lost that acknowledges the opportunities which can bloom in the spaces left behind, reflecting cycles of economic dearth and growth." It's also visually stunning—check out the images in the series below.


To learn more about Memento Mori, click here.


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