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6 DIY Special Effects to Awesome-ify Your Photographs

Let special effects master Benjamin Von Wong teach you how to transform your photo game.
June 14, 2016, 6:25pm
All images courtesy the photographer

Looking to revitalize your photography? Hyper-realist photographer and special effects master Benjamin Von Wong will take you through a few simple steps to make your photography more epic and innovative. In this video, created by community-based online magazine Cooperative of Photography, Von Wong explains how to recreate some of his most famous shots. His tricks include how to use coffee creamer as an explosive, how to use flour to enhance movement, and how to pick the best background for your subject.

Here are the 6 tips which Von Wong outlines in the video:

1. Enhance Drama and Motion.

Use a reflector to create wind, or throw flour into the air to enhance movement.

2. Be Bold.

Use a UV light and highlighter on your models for rich contrast.

3. Blow Something Up.

Use a funnel full of coffee creamer for a makeshift explosion.

4. Make It Rain

A simple sprinkler or garden hose will add easy drama to your pictures.

5. Find an Epic Backdrop.

If you’re stuck, look to Mother Nature for inspiration.

6. Plan, Plan, Plan.

Always sketch out your projects before attempting to begin.

Check out the Cooperative of Photography for more photo tips. And visit Benjamin Von Wong’s website to see more about his work.

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