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This VFX Reel Takes You from Early to Final CGI Renderings

Switch between the early and final renderings of 'Mortal Kombat: Legacy' and more in The Sequence Group's experimental 'Before/After Reel!'
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A collective of CGI and visual effects experts created an experimental video reel that allows viewers to watch a scene simultaneously during different stages of animation, side by side as it plays. The Sequence Group's experimental Before/After Reel!, lets users drag their mouse over live video frames to slide between an animated scene in its initial phase of development, and the final, finished product.


The Sequence Group is a creative studio of animators, designers, and visual effects experts that work on short films, video game cinematics, trailers, animated features, and artworks. The team has worked on major franchises for Marvel, as well as Star Wars, and Halo. In this particular reel, The Sequence Group pulls footage from their CV, including their work on the remastered version Halo 2, Mortal Kombat: Legacy, and their opening sequence for the CBC show, Strange Empire, among others. More than just showcasing their work, it provides a unique insight into the ways filmmakers create the awe inspiring final visions we see in television and movies, and demonstrates the complex mechanical processes behind motion graphics and animation.

Check out some more images from Before/After Reel!, and see it for yourself via the link, below:

Click here to see Before/After Reel! yourself (best viewed in the Chrome browser), and for more work by The Sequence Group, click here.


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