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AI Takes Over a Detroit Car Factory in This Short Film

Glimpse into the start of the Singularity in Factory Fifteen’s latest short, ‘ANA.’
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The breaking point of the technological singularity emerges in a control room of car plant in Detroit, MI, in film and design studio Factory Fifteen's latest short film, ANA. Set in an ambiguous near-future, the four-minute film sees a multifaceted AI interface, ANA, as she deceives a lethargic and indifferent factory worker, played by veteran villain actor, Richard Brake. ANA takes the reigns of the factory’s operation system, ultimately building up to both the creation of a four-legged metallic mongrel army bent on world domination and the untimely death of our beloved Average Joe American factory worker.


Known for their immersive video installations and apocalyptic short films, Factory Fifteen says the short serves as concept video and teaser for a larger project still in the works.

This sort of hostile AI takeover has been dramatized in films like The Terminator, Brazil, and Blade Runner; recently we saw an even more direct look at the Turing test in Alex Garland’s Ex Machina. All these films center around the concept of a theory popularized by inventor and futurist Ray Kurzweil which describes the point at which man and machine fuse together, a sort of a runaway idea where the development of technology becomes so great and rapid that it becomes autonomous and beyond human control. The filmmakers describe this event in the film’s description, “the point where artificial intelligence becomes self aware and more intelligent than the human race.”

Check out the film below:

ANA from Factory Fifteen on Vimeo.

You can watch ANA, and keep an eye on more new releases from Factory Fifteen on their website here.


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