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Laser Forests, Light Painting, And Quadcopters: Meet Marshmallow Laser Feast

The creative studio discuss their visually stunning projects and how they harness technology to create emotional experiences.

Forests made from lasers that you can play like a musical instrument, quadcopters that become an organ of light, a light painted supercar, and a living room that turns into a cityscape and an ocean before your eyes. These are just some of the projects from creative studio Marshmallow Laser FeastMemo Akten, Robin McNicholas, and Barney Steel—creators of interactive experiences in real-time.

Each member is an artist in their own right—Akten runs the The Mega Super Awesome Visuals Company while McNicholas is one third of Flat-e—but formed the group after constantly collaborating over the years. While they're technically skilled and often harness the latest technologies to create their artworks, the human element is also an essential component in their work and gives the projects their uniqueness and flavor, making them resonate with a wide-ranging audience.

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