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Surrealist Photographer Channels His Inner Magritte

Ceslovas Cesnakevicius' photographs are like dreams, documented.
Images courtesy the artist

Whether he's building cities in the clouds or turning snowflakes into pillow feathers, photographer Ceslovas Cesnakevicius chooses to document his imagination over reality. "I always start with an idea," he tells The Creators Project. He has two techniques for creating these visions: an idea will spring into his mind whole, or he'll build on a photograph's eye-catching details. "I leave the original photograph as a background and work on that detail particularly, which creates slightly twisted reality."


Cesnakevicius shared with us the inspirations behind two of his most recent photos:

Good Company

"A man sharing with birds a place to rest. It was completely spontaneous idea. Once I had the idea, I did a rough sketch and started to look for appropriate locations for photographs."


"It was an early spring day when the snow came, with huge, fluffy snowflakes. It looked like hundreds of pillows were torn somewhere up high."

Whether he plans his ideas through sketches or immediately begins compositing and collaging photographs, Cesnakevicius' has a sharp eye for the absurd. "Inspiration is kind of in everything: nature, people, all disciplines of art, sun and wind and so on," he says. "In my images, I'm always aiming to have a proper balance between shadow and light, and as precise perspective as possible. Not limiting myself with logic of perception of things as we know it."

Below, check out more from Ceslovas Cesnakevicius:

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