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Open a Door to a New Dimension with This Projected Geometric Vortex

Olivier Ratsi's eye-melting 'Delta' is a projection-mapped illusion creating a doorway to "fictional three-dimensional space."

Images courtesy of the artist

The year-long wait for the second installment in Antivj co-founder Olivier Ratsi's ongoing, site-specific projection mapping series, Echolyse, is finally over. DELTΔ, Ratsi's newest project, takes the form of a morphing, wall-sized, triangle. The geometric light projection follows in the footsteps of its predecessor, Onion Skin, which used layers of illuminated "peelings," to create the kind of illusion that those with meltable eyes should be cautious of, and has already toured through Taiwan, China, France, and Germany.


Ratsi calls his works "peelings" because of the way they first appear flat, but slowly begin delimiting new spaces via the optical illusions they create. The concept of peelings defines the title of Onion Skin, but DELTΔ earns it's name from a more arcane source: "Originating from the equivalent letter of the Phoenician alphabet," Ratsi writes, "it is based on a hieroglyph initially representing a door." DELTΔ is all about creating that door, which leads to to what Ratsi calls "a fictional three-dimensional space" for the viewer.

He creates the illusory portal using the classic 2D and 3D projection mapping technologies that Antivj helped pioneer (see our in-depth exploration into the work of Antivj here). The key to DELTΔ is Ratsi's combination of anamorphosis with the careful positioning of viewers to ensure that they absorb the full scope of the dimension-busting illusion.

DELTΔ has already melted faces at site-specific installations is set to melt more faces at the Transient Festival in France and at the Sonica Festival in Slovenia throughout November. If you can't make it to the events, immerse yourself in these stills of DELTΔ:

Visit Ratsi's website to get lost in more of his projection-mapped creations.


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