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Concept Towers Could Bring Rice Farming To Hong Kong's Skyline

A proposed building with rice terraces and a built-in rain irrigation system could make cooking dinner easier than ever.

We’ve covered a variety of vertical farming projects over the past several months—from a sky scrapers adorned with a garden grove, to a literal living building that’s one with nature—but one architecture proposal seeks to bring agriculture to the skyline of Hong Kong in both a pragmatic and symbolic fashion.

According to DesignBoom, Mexican architecture firm Studio Cachuoa Torres Camilleti (CTC) have designed a concept building that will include two towers split down the middle with rice terraces on top. The space between the two towers will inspire "natural elements, creating microclimates of ecological architecture." Not only will the sky scrapers have solar paneled roofs and a built-in rain irrigation system, but the rice terraces will be eco-friendly and not pose any sustainability risks. The structure even looks like a giant tree with a segmented trunk.


Additionally, the vertical rice farms parallel China's age-old ties to cultivating the grain, as the crop's seeds are typically sown in high hills and mountain ranges. There's no word if this project will be brought to fruition any time soon, but if it does materialize, we expect that its residence will have an easy time getting ingredients for dinner.

h/t DesignBoom. For more on Studio CTC visit their website here.


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